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The Way It Should Be
I always thought I knew
What it felt like to be loved
Until you came along
And changed everything.
Until you
I felt that love always came
With a sacrifice
Of some of my own happiness
I began to wonder
If affection was
Out of my reach.
Then you found me
Held me tight
Cradled me in your arms
Showering me with affection
Your blue eyes soft with gentleness
Kindness, and love.
Never before have i felt or experienced
This equivalent exchange of love
And emotions so in sync with each other.
I ask you, "Why?"
"Why are you so good to me?"
After initial puzzlement
Your face softens
And you reply
"Because I love you
This is the way you deserve to be treated
And because this is the way love should be."
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 5 5
Your love is like an adrenaline rush
The way you eye me
Readying yourself for the chase.
Every time we touch
My heart jumps like it has been jolted
With a defibrillator.
My heart beats faster and faster
With every playfight
Every tickle
Every kiss
Every scratch and bite.
Like a cat and Mouse
You eye me like you're ready to pounce
I playfully flee
And waiting
Til I finally hear you collapse on the couch
Where I can finally spring
My trap.
In a final epic battle
A storm of laughter fills the room
Until one surrenders to the other
The other becoming the victor
Until the storm fades
And we form a truce
If only for
The moment.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 33
Angel of Death Part 2
How dare you betray us?
We who gave you a second chance
At life?
It seems I was wrong about you
Defending her like you care for her
As if you developed feelings
Yet still so cold.
Your treachery will be the end of you
I will make sure of that
Which is a shame
For your skills and ability are hard to replace
But you chose this path
And in doing so
Your fate.
And so you shall be punished
By law of The Fang
Sentenced to death
By my hands.
My Angel of Death.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 0
The Perfect Kiss
You held my face in your hands
Cradling it gently
Drawing you face closer to mine
Until our noses met.
Moving to the rhythm of our breath
Our tongues dance together in time
Never missing a beat
Embracing each other blissfully
Lost completely
With no sense of time
In Heaven.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 5
Angel of Death Part 1
Devoid of emotion
Killing on command
Wtihout question or hesitation
You reap the souls of the imperfect
The weak.
You're deadly with a blade
Silently Lurking in the shadows
Waiting for just the right moment.
Using total caution
And relying on your agility
You silence all who stand in the way
Of you
And your target.
Your blade hand is as graceful
As a fish swimming in a lake
Cutting flesh with ease
Moving through it as if through nothing
At all
Harvesting souls just like
The Angel of Death
You were born to be.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 3 0
They take without giving
Living off of others
They make us weaker physically and emotionally
Draining us of our money, food, and energy
Reaping the benefit of us
Slowly killing us
Cleverly manipulating us into thinking
That we need them.
But then something happens
Or someone
That opens our eyes to the truth
Enabling us to recognize the parasite
And expose them
So we never become their victim again.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 2
The Autumn Ball
Dressed in their elegant gowns
of red, gold, and brown
The leaves get ready to depart
For the Autumn Ball.
Spinning, twirling
Somersaulting and spiraling,
They dance on the wind
The ever-moving dance floor
Painting the atmosphere
In a flurry of leaves.
But soon they grow weary of dancing
And they begin their decent
As the last song begins to play
Soon flooding the ground
A sunset of leaves.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 2
The Rain
A light drizzle of your happiness falls on me
That then turns into a shower of love
A shower that I wish would never end.
But sometimes when your anger or sorrow is stirred
Your gentle caress of droplets turn
Into bullets of rage and despair
Drowning me
Flooding the land around you in your emotion
Causing me to head to higher ground.
But then your storm begins to calm
And soon you become a light sprinkle again
The waters begin to subside
And I am able to safely embrace you
In your loving showers
Once again.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 2
The fire begins at my feet
My toes feeding it like ten burning coals
As the stress and sorrow build
The flames begin to crawl up my legs
Scorching my flesh to a crispy black
Then, like being drenched in gasoline
The flames engulf my chest
Spreading like wildfire
Until my whole body is alight.
As my body turns to ash
And the flames shrink to just burning embers
I become just become a pile of burnt out energy
But like the phoenix I am
I soon emerge from the ashes
Made from the flames of despair
Beautifully renewed
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 2
You answer all the questions
Though most of the time you're wrong
Trying to show off
Trying to impress the audience
But fumbling the facts
You just sound like a fool
Pulling it all out of your ass
Like the arrogant moron you are.
You act like such a know-it-all
Vomiting nonsense in full force
Hoping to gain the interest of anyone
Who will lend an ear.
But your words go unheard
The audience unimpressed and annoyed
Because all you know how to do
Is to be a lonely know-it-all.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 2
Knowing my weaknesses
I was captured and made a prisoner
Of my own emotions
Always being monitored by my prison guard
So I couldn't escape.
I was made a slave
Being told what to do
What i couldn't do
I was being brainwashed
And made to think
He was what I needed
To survive.
But then one day
You came with your lockpick in hand
And opened the cell of my mind
And heart
And like the thief you are
You stole me away
Setting me free.
As you carried me away
We locked eyes
And in that moment
I knew
I was finally safe
Never to be imprisoned again.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 0 2
The Sun
Bright and cheerful
Warm and kind
You bring happiness wherever you go
Radiating good vibes of optimism.
But you, like your sister The Moon,
Have a dark side
When you want to be alone
And will burn those who arouse it
Without mercy.
But this passes quickly
Like the clouds you sometimes hide behind
When you need your solitude.
Then when you go to rest
You leave a beautiful sunset in your wake
Telling others it's getting late.
So you tell them goodnight as you go down
Making others wait until the next day
When you rise
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 1 4
The Moon
Very few know me well
And know who I am
Because although I am generally social
I am really very shy
Only coming out into the open full
Once in a while.
Romantic and beautiful
Sad and often distant
Sweet yet often misunderstood
I long to be a part of what everyone is
But I can't
Like a black sheep I stand out
But not because I'm bad
Because I am different.
My insecurities eat me from the inside
Making me question my own worth
Until the few come along who know me
Who really know me
Come to reveal
Just how much I am worth
And show me
That I am not alone.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 0 2
You hide behind a mask
Pretending to be someone you're not
Hoping to impress all around you
When all you're doing
Is lying.
Not just to them
But to yourself as well
Thinking all the while
That this is acceptable
But it's not.
Your infectuous lies go around like a virus
Causing others to join in with you
Soon the lies spread so far and wide
Thsat you and all those who listen
Just keep them alive
Thinking they are the truth
Until you all become a member
Of the ball.
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 0 4
The Tower
Waiting all alone
Secluded from the outside world
I have been patiently sitting
Staring longingly out my only window
For what seems
Like centuries.
The spell that binds me to this tower
The lake of fire that surrounds me
Makes me wonder
Will I ever be saved?
Or will I wither away into nothingness
Trapped in my cylindrical cell
:iconlittle-yuyu:Little-yuyu 0 0
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